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Angelika goes on, “Complacency is a relationship killer, too. Every man wants variety. Every man wants a woman who tries. You see these girls who started out hot and put together, and they got into relationships and let themselves go. They became the kind of girl that men don’t want to be around and that other women look down on. They get frumpy, they start leaving the house for public places clad in sweats, and they generally just say to the world that they were hot once but that it’s over for them. I don’t see that you can afford to get that comfortable. They say that when you are a man, even in a long term relationship, you need to have some game to deal with your woman. You need to be constantly keeping her on her toes in the relationship, and you yourself need to make sure you work on you and don’t let yourself go. Complacency can turn a great catch into a loser if he gets comfortable enough. That’s no way to live.”

“I’m the kind of girl who knows how to go after what she wants,” Angelika says. “I figure that nobody gives you anything in this life unless you go for it. You have to ask. You have to take, sometimes. That’s all part of learning how to get along in this crazy world. It’s a lesson that I’ll take to heart and always remember. I believe very strongly in being the kind of person that you want to see in others, and leading by example. Does that make me a leader? I’ve never been quite sure.< I just know that the world needs more leaders. We need to be the change we want to see in the world, most definitely.”

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