VIP Models – Swiss Models, Zürich Escort Service

❤ When meeting ladies in the VIP Swiss Models, expect high intelligence, charming conversation, and clean, healthy, fit individuals. ❤ To reach VIP Swiss Models, the ladies need to have reached a level of accomplishment that not every woman has. Whether she’s a successful model, high-end businesswoman, prestigious actress or other acclaimed or revered professional, this level of achievement can only be accompanied by excellent conduct and manners, social etiquette, and a present, intelligent mind. ❤ For the ‘full package’, few ladies match the VIP Swiss Models girls. This is not to say that intelligence and style are only to be found in the VIP Swiss Models – not at all. However, the capacity for quality is higher at this level. Think of a percentage system; while the VIP gallery models will be 90-95% of the ideal ladies. ❤ We always leave a 2-5% margin of error, as no human is actually perfect ALL the time 😉 The point is, we do strive for that, and the VIP Swiss Models elite escort ladies seem to reach higher levels with less effort, as they’re naturally high end. ❤
We meet all our model applicants personally. Our High-Class level companions are those women who possess just that little something extra. A presence, a charisma; call it what you will, but you can’t take your eyes off her. These women possess all our minimum requirements, and then some. Some are academically gifted, others are exceptionally fit and genetically blessed.< ❤ (But aren’t they all?) Whatever that ‘thing’ is that makes a woman alluring and exciting, the High-Class model escorts possess it in abundance and know-how to carry it, without a trace of ego. With beautiful faces, flawless proportions, reliable reputations, and utterly charming natures, the VIP Swiss Models girlfriends are truly elite dinner dates. ❤ We hardly feel the need to have to mention this to the kind of gentlemen for whom we cater, however for newcomers: cutting corners is not acceptable or attractive. (Sadly it has been attempted in the past.) ❤ Please remain within your financial limits and ensure the elite courtesans are kept in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed at home. (ie five-star quality.) ❤ Other than any short-cutting issues or natural disasters, your experience should be utterly magical, and we will look forward to hearing your glowing feedback! ❤